• Photographs more than Memories...

    they are feelings to be felt and relived as long as they can be seen. Your pictures on wood display life's most important moments. Your photos wood will be a focal point in your home.
  • A Wooden Canvas

    Our Process starts out with full round logs right from the forests of the west. We use a mixed variety of wood species from Doug Fir to our native Lodgepole Pine. The logs are then cut to a rough thickness. Depending on the desired "Rusticness" and width, we either plane the wood by hand or use a flat bed surface planer before sending it to the print room.
  • Contemporary or Rustic

    Nothing in the industry will give you the feel of this product, whether you use one rustic piece to be contrast with other contemporary pieces, or as a stand alone piece, you will love this product! There is nothing like a wooden canvas in the world.
  • Quote Boards for the man cave...

    express you passions or ideals in a way that makes a statement.
  • Quote Boards for the family room...

    show images and ideals that signify your families values & aspirations.
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